The launch of our new name -Tankstream Designs Pty.Ltd

From the 5th August 2013 Earth Nymph Pty.Ltd will change names to Tankstream Design Pty.Ltd. There is no change in management and we will still be providing the same products and service on which we have built our reputation in the industry.

Some of you may ask what does Tankstream mean?

The name “Tankstream” comes from a small stream which became the source of drinking water to the early
settlement of modern Australia. The stream was the lifeblood and the essential resource for the beginnings of our wonderous modern nation enabling us to grow and thrive.

Our business, which also started small, is proud to be Australian.  Over 15 years we have continually grown in our home market Australia and now begins the journey abroad. The name “Tankstream Design” was chosen for the company as it is
quintessentially Australian. It shows how from a small resource a large, prosperous and  energetic country a company can thrive. As the Tankstream provided life to the early settlement, design and creative ideas provides life to our company.